UnlockTool Latest Setup Any Smartphones Flash FRP Bypass Tool

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UnlockTool is a multi-Android software tool MTK, Qualcomm Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Bootloader Unlock, Demo Remove, Flash, FRP Bypass using the Latest setup Reset any Android device. This happens when our Smartphone is Softbrick or blocked. If it does not start properly, connect the device to the computer with a USB cable. Once our smartphone or tablet has been detected, click Erase and wait for the reset to complete. After that, click on Reboot Phone and we will restart the device and start as new

UnlockTool Latest Setup All Smartphones Flash FRP Bypass Tool

UnlockTool is a small windows program Software to remove FRP and Factory Reset lock on any Android phone in a few seconds. Xiaomi, oppo, And All MTK CPU Bootloader Unlock Instant Support It takes a small amount of money to use and use it on your computer, so, If you are looking for a trouble-free solution to unlock any Android phone it will be very convenient for you. Check this easy step-by-step instruction and download UnlockTool the latest version to set up from below.


How To Flash Unlock FRP Bypass Using UnlockTool

You can use Easy UnlockTool to remove screen lock, Screen lock/ Bypass, and FRP Unlock, from Samsung, Symphony, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Poco, Redmi, MI, Asus Zenfone, Vsmart, Lenovo, Nokia, with Android 5 to Android 11 enabled phones easily.

The process of using UnlockTool is very simple, all you have to do is use UnlockTool, then put your device in ADB / Download / Meta / EDL mode and connect to a computer, then click Reset FRP / Unlock, That’s All.

How To Remove FRP Any Smartphone Using UnlockTool

These days, all Android phones are compatible with FRP protection, Factory factory reset summary by FRP and basically protects the personal data of Android users and privacy during theft.

If you reset your phone without removing the old Google Account, you will need to sign in with the same Google ID and password you set at the beginning of the app beyond the Google account verification lock on your phone. Without verification, you cannot use the phone.

ALL MTK Vivo IMEI Repair Permanent Solution By Unlock tool

How to Repair or change Vivo IMEI?

1: OPEN Unlocktool and goto Mediatek Tab

2: power off mobile

3: Click on VIVO IMEI And write NEW IMEI Press Write Button

All Done

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UnlockTool Full Information

File Name:

File Upload By Google Drive
Credit: Team

UnlockTool Latest Setup Free Download

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How to use UnlockTool.Net Tool

  • Download the unlocktool.exe setup to your computer.
  • Run the tool as administrator.
  • Click on Register or Login
  • It will lead you to the official website: here
  • Register your account there.
  • Now type your registered EMAIL ID & PASSWORD in the tool
  • Click Login
  • Now you can use the tool on your computer.


Xiaomi Flash, Bootloader Unlock, Imei Repair 

Xiaomi Flash, Bootloader Unlock, Imei Repair 

    • MI Flash:
      • Firmware info
      • Bypass Anti-RB
      • Auto Reboot
      • Protect EFS
      • Erase EFS
      • Reset MI Cloud
      • Erase FRP
      • Full Flash
    • Mi Security:
      • Mi Cloud:
        • Server Mi Cloud check
        • ADB Bypass MI Cloud
        • [ADB] Remove MI Cloud (Root)
        • [ADB] Disable OTA update
        • [ADB] Install Firewall
        • MTP
        • MTP install Driver
        • [MTP] Active Browser
      • Recovery:
      • Fastboot
      • Diag
      • EDL
Samsung Unlock Options
  • Samsung Unlock Options:
      • Odin Flash:
      • Security:
        • Odin Mode:
        • Functions:
          • [COM+ADB] Read Info
          • [COM] Factory Reset
          • [COM] Enter Download
          • [MTP] Install Driver
          • [MTP] FRP Bypass
          • [ADB] Remove Passcode
          • [ADB] Remove FRP

Nokia Unlock FRP Bypass Options

  • Nokia Unlock FRP Bypass Options:
    • Fastboot:
      • [FB] Read Info
    • MTP:
      • [MTP] Install Driver
      • [MTP] Active Browser
      • [MTP] Active Google Maps
    • MTK-Nokia 3
      • [BROM] Erase FRP
      • [BROM] Factory Reset

Huawei Flash Unlock FRP Bypass Options

  • Huawei Flash Unlock FRP Bypass Options:
    • Upgrade Flash:
    • Security:
      • Test Point:
        • [EDL] Bypass FRP
        • [EDL] Factory Reset
        • [USB 1.0] Write Unlock Fastboot
        • [USB 1.0] Erase Huawei ID
        • [USB 1.0] Erase FRP
        • [BROM] Factory Reset
        • [BROM] Erase FRP
      • Functions:
        • [COM+ADB+FB] Advance Read info
        • [ADB] Remove Huawei ID
        • [FB] Change OEM info
        • [FB] Erase Huawei ID
        • [FB] Erase FRP
        • [FB] Dump Partitions
        • MTP install Driver
        • [MTP] Active Browser

Oppo Flash Unlock FRP Bypass Options

  • Oppo Flash Unlock FRP Bypass Options:
    • Meta Mode:
      • Boot Meta
      • Read Info
      • Read partition
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [1] [Generic]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2] [Generic]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2] [UFS]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2] [Android 11]
      • NVROM Backup
      • NVROM Restore
      • FLASH
      • FRP Bypass
      • Boot Loader unlock
    • Functions
    • Testpoint

Vivo Unlock IMEI Repair Demo Remove Functions

  • Vivo Unlock IMEI Repair Demo Remove Functions:
    1. Meta:
      • Boot [Boot Meta]
      • Read pattern [Android 5.1]
      • Safe Format [Keep Data]
      • Factory Reset [1] [Generic]
      • FLASH
      • FRP Bypass
      • Boot Loader Unlock
      • Demo remove
      • IMEI Repair
    1. Functions:
    2. Testpoint

Vsmart Unlock Options

  • Vsmart Unlock Options:
    • Remove FRP [ADB] Vinid
    • Boot Meta [MTK]
    • Factory Reset [MTK]
    • [EDL] Factory Reset [QCOM]
    • [EDL] Erase FRP [QCOM]
    • [EDL] Erase id[QCOM]
    • [EDL] Unlock Bootloader

Mediatek Flash Unlock Imei Repair Options

  • Mediatek Flash Unlock Imei Repair Options:

    • Meta:
      • Boot Meta
      • [Meta]Factory Reset [1]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2]
    • Functions:
      • Format Data
      • Read GPT
      • Auth bypass
      • Erase FRP
      • Safe Format
      • Reset MI Cloud
      • Unlock Bootloader
      • Reboot
      • Flash
      • Erase Partition
      • Backup NV Data
      • Erase Nvdata
      • Restore NVData

LG Unlock Options

  • LG Unlock Options
    • ADB
      • [COM] Factory Reset
      • [COM] ENABLE ADB
      • [COM] Disable Lockscreen
    • MTP
      • [MTP] Install Driver
      • [MTP] Active Browser
      • [MTP] Active Google Maps
    • Model Operation:
      • [EDL] Erase FRP
  • That’s it.


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