Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Latest Setup Free Download 2021

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Download Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Latest Version MTK and SPD Modules Install it. Infinity-Box Dongle is always a great solution for fixing up Chinese smartphones. Especially

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK can be of great help to many MTK device users. Flashing your phone, reading SW / HW information to the phone, unlocking the phone, installing firmware and many other MTK or SPD device functions are possible with this device. Finding and downloading drivers is not a big deal.Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Latest Setup Free Download 2021Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Latest Setup Free Download 2021

The hardest part is to setup the necessary files. So now, how to do it? This content is going to show you that. You can easily download the Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK dongle from the bottom in just one click, this Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK tool flashing device, repair IMEI, unlock sim network Unlock, and reset FRP of all MTK Android devices, You just have to download this tool and follow the rest of the instructions from the tool to resolve your issues. Follow the steps given below to download the Chinese Miracle-2 MTK and install it.


How To Install Infinity Chinese Miracle-2

  • First Download Infinity box needed Modules
  • Download after unzipping the file
  • And Install after software icon will show Desktop or laptop pc

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK is a Phone for Oppo, it comes with 7 Chinese Apps, The 6th App contains the English language, with Chinese words sometimes or always. English text enables you to understand Chinese in any Mobile display,

and Chinese Text message, without Chinese Character Translation. Download  Chinese Miracle-2 MTK works on most computer programs. So you don’t need to use extra software. You can Download Chinese Miracle-2 MTK and install it directly. Install Chinese Miracle-2 MTK support the World standard operating system Linux. Download Chinese Miracle-2 MTK and use it in the computer, most smartphones, and tablet

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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.24 Change Log:

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed: Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy )
Changed: BootHelper updated
Changed: MT8172/MT8173 support improved
Changed: MT6580/MT6752 support improved
Changed: MT6735/MT6737/MT6753 support improved

new feature UniversalBoot: EMI Engine
! Allow boot device without need of preloader or whatever else, all settings got from the device
! Feature support generic and secure devices as well from MT6580 up to MT6799, MT81xx line also supported
! Some device may NOT work: Fully ERASED or RE-MARKED CID
! Feature override default EMIDB, from Firmware and BootHelper
! Disable/Enable : Settings -> FireFly : AutoEMI ( Enabled by Default )

new feature UniversalBoot: AutoDA select
! At wrong base DA selection software will automatically change DA base for connected device
! Feature will select the most correct, well tested, and usable DA for the target
! Must be installed complete bootPackage ( before v2.21 ) for correct work!

!With the UniversalBoot feature work with most devices will reduce just to operation select and device connecting ( BROM mode preferred)
!No other optional steps required

Changed: UltraFlash engine updated
Changed: Legacy FlashCore rebuild
! Optimized for modern/old DA versions and different targets on OLD CHIPs
! Use of the latest version for service LEGACY lines is strongly recommended
Changed: Default FlashSettings updated

Changed: “Init GPT/PMT with resize” feature improved

Changed: “SmartReset” updated
Changed: “SmartReset Extra” updated

Firmware Reader
Changed: New types supported
Changed: Internal Database updated

Changed: Some general changes and fixes

Download Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 All Modules Click Here

Download link #1

Download link #2

Download link #3


Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 is one of the best USB Dongle on the market for android and IOS devices. The Dongle can connect to almost any USB port. It is perfect for USB 3.0 that provides better bandwidth, USB2.0 provides more hard-wire speed, and even USB1.0 provides maximum overall performance. It also provides lower power consumption and shorter charging time than other USB3.0 adapter and dual-port charging solutions. On top of all this, the Dongle supports USB and others. So, the most amazing aspect is that it provides more bandwidth to any device that requires high bandwidth such as devices that require pc

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