Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update All In One 2021

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In this tutorial, we will share a download link and a list of steps to install the SPD Flash Tool on your PC. When it comes to mobile chipsets, Spreadtrup, and MTK are the top three players. However, there is still a fraction of niche devices running the Spreadtrum / Unisoc chipset. This includes some from Symphony, Walton, Lava, Micromax, among others. The support and development of these chips are not compatible with the lines of the other three chips.

Users can therefore have a hard time refining files and performing other related tasks. Well, not anymore. With the help of SPD Upgrade Tool, you can easily light up the stock market on your device, upgrade or downgrade the software version and create tons of other tweaks. In this guide, we will be looking at the functionality of this tool and the steps to flash firmware and ROMs on supported devices. Follow the detailed instructions.Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update All In One 2021

What is an SPD Flash tool?

The SPD Upgrade Tool is used to flash .pac and PC5 stock firmware on Spreadtrum devices. Alternatively, you can edit LCD settings, MCP Type, Read / Write / Clear active flash. It has moved the whole process of light ROMs. All you have to do is download the firmware file to the tool, connect your device to the PC, and hit the start button. The tool will take care of everything else. With that said, here are some of the key features of the SPD Flash Tool.

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Easy to use SPD Flash tool

With so many features featured in this tool, some people on paper may find it difficult to perform the task mentioned above. However, this is not the case. The entire user interface is designed in such a way that even the first users can easily turn on the firmware on their devices without any problem. Then multilingual support will be useful for non-English-speaking audiences.

Mobile Application
You do not need to perform the entire setup process. This tool comes as a portable program, so double-click on its EXE file and the tool will work.

Spreadtrum chipset support
You can easily turn on .pac and PC5 stock firmware using this tool. Nearly all devices using the Spreadtrum chipset fall under this domain.

Upgrade / Unmount
Upgrading and down-to-earth software version can be done directly from this tool itself.
Format Device
If you delete all data from your device, one option is to reset the device from the Settings menu. However, you may need to go through several menus before you can end up in the reset section. But with SPD Upgrade Tool, you can easily reset your device with just one click.

Other Features

You can also check the device’s internal configuration as information about the device’s random access memory. Similarly, you can edit the LCD of your device or read the active Flash / Read / Write / Erase within the device itself.
So these were the features of the SPD Upgrade Tool. Now let’s explore the steps of using this tool and do the work mentioned above.

How To Use SPD Upgrade Tool?

1.Connect your device to the PC with a USB cable.
2 Now uninstall the contents of the SpreadTrum Development Tool that you downloaded. You can do that with the WinZIP or WinRAR system.
3.When the download is complete, go to that folder and scroll down until you find the UpgradeDownload EXE file.Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update 01

Double-click on that file and the tool will launch (as mentioned before, a portable app, so there is no need to install it).
5. Now click the package load button. This will be the first option located at the top left (see screenshot below).Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update 02

Navigate to the downloaded pac or PC5 firmware file and hit the Open button.
7.Once the package has been downloaded, click the start download button. This will be the third button in the middle (see screengrab below).Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update 03

8.Firmware update process will now begin, and you can track the same under the Progress section.Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update 04


9. As the process is complete, you should see the green message “Successful”. When this happens, you can hit the Stop button on the menu bar and remove your device from the PC.Download SPD Flash Tool Latest Update 06

So this was out of this guide on how to download and install the SPD Flash Tool. We have also listed its detailed features and steps to light up .pac or PC5 firmware on Spreadtrum devices. If you have any questions, tell us in the comments section below

Download SPD Upgrade Tool Latest Version

File Name: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R25.20.3901



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